Beacon Relocation is proud to be a trusted NATCA National Benefits Partner
and we deeply appreciate the service NATCA members provide.

Beacon Relocation is proud to be a trusted NATCA National Benefits Partner and we deeply appreciate the service NATCA members provide.

NATCA Relocation & Real Estate Services Program

The Benefit

Beacon Relocation provides coordinated management of a member’s buying, selling, and moving-related activities by combining the major components of a relocation into a single, integrated effort.

The Benefit is at no cost to the NATCA member or NATCA and will:

  • Pair members with experienced and vetted local real estate agents on both sides of the move
  • Provide access to national lenders who deliver quality service, competitive programs and discounted rates where available
  • Coordinate communication between members and relocation team partners to enable a smooth transition
  • Provide NATCA sellers a discount in the form of a reduction in listing fees, while NATCA buyers receive a credit towards closing costs*

Whether moving locally or across the country, a simple 5-minute application activates the benefit.

*The Buyer’s NATCA credit, where available, must be on the settlement statement and be approved by the real estate commission, the buyer’s lender and all parties in the real estate transaction.
Who We Are

Beacon Relocation was founded by Kevin Walker, a retired Air Traffic Controller and a long-time NATCA member. Kevin became a licensed real estate agent in 2004 so he could help his fellow NATCA members and their families with their real estate and relocation needs.

Beacon Relocation’s team members leverage decades of experience as both Air Traffic Controllers and real estate industry professionals to navigate the challenges often involved in the relocation process. It’s precisely that mix that uniquely positions Beacon Relocation to assist you and your family.

Why Choose Us

Beacon Relocation manages the transition process to reduce stress on the member and their family while allowing them the freedom to focus on activities outside of the relocation process.

We utilize a vetted network of experienced partners who understand the nuances of a NATCA member’s relocation.

Our Team takes great pride in providing clients with exceptional service and advice to make their relocation experience satisfying. We take the time to understand a member’s needs, we communicate, and we care.

Whether it’s your first, third, or final home, Beacon Relocation is geared towards long-term relationships, not just a single transaction. Let Beacon Relocation GUIDE YOU HOME!

Beacon Relocation provides NATCA members with top-notch relocation and real estate services wherever you go.

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