NATCA Member Benefits

Beacon Relocation is a trusted NATCA Partner and provider of relocation and real estate services to NATCA members and their families. Beacon provides coordinated management of a member’s buying, selling and moving-related activities by combining the major components of a relocation into a single, integrated effort. In addition to these professional services, this benefit provides NATCA members and their families with monetary credits or discounts against closing costs where available*.
NATCA members who choose to utilize the benefit are connected with Approved Realtor Partners who will guide them through the buying or selling process. These Approved Realtor® Partners have been carefully vetted and chosen by Beacon Relocation to provide the highest level of personalized service. NATCA sellers will be provided with a discount in the form of a reduction in listing fees, while NATCA buyers will receive a credit towards closing costs*. While discounts and credits will be standardized as much as possible across the nation, adjustments may be made in certain markets to accommodate non-standard fee structures.

*The Buyer’s realtor credit, where available, must be on the closing disclosure, approved by the real estate commission, the buyer’s lender, and all parties in the real estate transaction.

How the NATCA Benefit Works

When the NATCA member or family member decides to relocate and buy or sell a home, they can take advantage of the NATCA benefit. The process is simple:
  • Fill out the online application on Beacon Relocation’s website.
  • A team member from Beacon Relocation will process the application and contact the NATCA member.
  • Based on location and other preferences provided by the NATCA member, Beacon Relocation will pair the member with an Approved Realtor Partner.
  • The Approved Realtor Partner will contact the member to initiate real estate services. If the member will be buying and selling in different markets, two Approved Realtor Partners will be tasked with representing the member on both sides of the move.
  • Beacon Relocation will manage the NATCA member’s transition through scheduled Relocation Team meetings, conference calls and other communications to ensure all parties stay informed and engaged throughout the process.
  • As closing nears, Beacon Relocation will ensure applicable discounts and credits are provided to the member where available.